Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mihalis Safras - La Samba Di Chicos [ remix pack ]

Mihalis Safras (Material Series labelowner) is one of the most accredited DJ/producers worldwide and without doubt the top greek techno/minimal producer. (DJ MAG 245) Mihalis has built up a massive following with his DJ sets and production work throughout his career and has already started making waves on the international techno circuit. He is concidered to be as one of the most productive producers in techno.Born in Athens, he started experimenting with music at the age of 12, when he studied the piano. He quickly became interested in electronic music and started using new music technology to create his own tracks. Initiated early into the restless music scene of the end of the 90s, Mihalis’ career started in 1997 when he landed a residency at Berlin Club, one of Greece’s most notorious venues. During that period, he had been mainly mixing house but by the end of the decade, had changed his style to techno and techouse. In 2000 Mihalis started experimenting with the harder side of the dance scene and introduced Greek clubbers to the techno sounds of Detroit’s percussive rhythms. His first major gig was at the well-known SolaLuna Festival, where he was on the bill next to world’s biggest names in techno. This appearance led to countless residencies at all major Greek clubs including Venue, Mad, Danza, Miroir, Luv and many more. Soon he landed the headlining slot at the legendary club, Umatic (Plusmatic) where he built a huge fan base that led to his nomination as best Greek techno DJ in 2005 by Klik Magazine.
1. La Samba Di Chicos 7:20
2. La Samba Di Chicos (Riva Starr Remix) 7:33
3. La Samba Di Chicos (Wally Lopez Remix) 7:25
4. La Samba Di Chicos (Mihalis Safras & Mark Broom Edit) 6:01
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