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Purpose and Mission
This site was created due to our love and passion for electronic dance music.  No other music brings people together, like the positive sounds and rhythms that emanate from the speaker to send shivers down your spine. We are here to provide quality tracks, bring you new, and share what we have to offer.  No more filtering through garbage tracks, we do that for you.  Welcome to the UNDERGROUND.
This music is intended for you to sample these tracks.  All downloads should be deleted within 24 hours.  If you like the track, please support your favorite artists by purchasing their music at the proper websites.  If you are an artist and would like a link removed, don't hesitate to contact us.  We are not responsible for what is done with content downloaded from links we post.  It is NOT illegal to post direct links to different sites, so get over it.
One of our main goals is to let you hear the song in its entirety before you make a decesion to purchase it.  A lot of tracks sound good in the start, until you realize the WHOLE track is not what you are looking for.  We're here to help you out!
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Support your artists and buy their products.


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