Friday, September 10, 2010

Mishal Moore - It Ain't Over (Wideboys St. Tropez Mixshow)

Singer/songwriter Mishal Moore discovered her true sound and ideal audience without the star-making machinery of commercial television, radio, or big corporations to guide her. Not that she didn't experiment with mainstream trends! A classically trained vocalist and musician with a strong background in musical theater, Moore began pursuing a recording career after mastering live performance skills that would've been the envy of many established pop and soul stars. But the first producers she encountered weren't sure how best to use this experience.Perhaps knowing that her innate talent would make even cookie-cutter material sound above the ordinary, each individual producer of her first two independent albums encouraged Moore to mimic existing R&B trends rather than emphasize those aspects of her personal style that make her so charismatically different. That's why the wider public got their first look at a more stylistically distinctive Mishal through the Youtube page she created in 2006.



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