Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chuckie ft. Gregor Salto – Rai Vs. Dream City ft. Robaco Bossa – Loving You (Bass Robbers Mashup)

Bass Robbers The Bass Robbers, consisting of Bernd Corbee and Swen van der Velden, already started producing music in the year of 2000. The music-style they were mainly attracted to was the Urban music. They both started a Dj-course in 2002, and shortly after that, they realized this was their thing. Soon after this realization, they both became DJ’s. They have done this individually on an annual basis in the Netherlands, however, also in international countries such as Croatia, Turkey and Spain they have shown their skills. In 2007 the individuals started organizing their own dance-events together. One of these dance-events was the ‘Caribbean Party’ held in the IJsbreker which was a great success, which increasingly grew to a big event. During these dance-events they encountered each other in a back-2-back session and discovered they formed an excellent duo together. Therefore they continued with back-2-back sessions at certain events, and officially started playing as the ‘Bass Robbers’ in 2008. They started a whole new concept. They organized the dance-event ‘Dirty Drumz’ where they played House, Latin-House and Eclectic music which suited the Bass Robbers more. They have successfully given many events. House music suited and attracted the Bass Robbers most, so they started producing house music. In 2009 they attained their first release at the label ‘Dutch Only’. Their second release will be released at the label ‘Made in NL’, and there are still many projects waiting to be released. Furthermore, in addition to above, the Bass Robbers participated in an International remix contest (Funkerman – Automatic). From all 500 sent remixes, their remix made it to the finals. According to the Bass Robbers “This is only the beginning”. 2010 will be their year. Keep checking them out. The Bass Robbers are coming!



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