Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belocca, Soneec, Chris Lauer & Canard - Homework (Original Mix)

Gábor Béla, aka. Belocca was born in 1984, in Budapest, Hungary . He was not 16 years old yet when he could keep in hands his own coming out from the Sixteen Providers – Effective / Water & Gin, which was later screwed by Danny Tenaglia and Farcesco Farfa a lot of time with warmth. After termination of the Sixteen Providers he started to work under name „Bcy” with Workidz, forming their own label on Sauna Recordings, where their first issue landed on the second place of the English Plastic Fantastic’s sales list. In that time in his work and in his compositions the progressive house was revealing, than in 2000 he established a new project – Belocca where he toned increasingly the “house” and “tech” line. Side by side with this change he started the common studio-works with Soneec, Chris Lauer & Canard and with Muzaik (Danny L & Sullivan). His real ticket to the DJ’s and producer’s world was the „Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On” song’s transcription, which also meant the first “station” of his international hit series.



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