Monday, August 30, 2010

Simon Stokes - Canoodle (Simon Stokes Remix)

Born in Scotland's capital of Edinburgh in 1983, Simon Stokes has always had a keen ear for quality sound. Even as a boy he was fascinated by music, and he mastered various instruments including the piano, clarinet and saxophone. However, it was during the early 90's that electronic music caught his attention, through Tom Wilson's legendary 'Stepping Out' radio show.As Stokes entered his teens, he became more fascinated with the technical side of making music and managed to get hold of a synthesizer. It was at this point that the obsession began, the craving of new gear and the selling of the old. Although many years were spent in front of a computer screen and a box of knobs, Stokes had never expected to get signed to a label - this was just a passion.



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