Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Koen Groeneveld - Rudder ( Original Club Mix )

Koen Groeneveld is, since 2008, one of the hottest ‘new’ names in today’s electronic music. His unique dynamic sound consists elements of Techno, Tech House and Minimal.When DJ-ing, Koen drops a refreshing and powerful crowd pleasing DJ set based on these styles. Koen founded the label _aBZoluT. early 2008.One of his first releases “Wake Turbulence” peaked at number 1, both in the Beatport Top Downloads Top 100 and in their Techno Top 100 in July 2008. The follow up tracks to “Wake Turbulence”; “Pull Up” and “Go Around” and his collabs with (Peter) Gelderblom “Fokker 126”, Addy van der Zwan “MIA” and Ahmet Sendil “Rotate” received massive support by the worlds DJ elite. His in Spring 2009 launched 4-track E.P. “Schiphol E.P.” , a side project under the moniker KG (Koen Groeneveld’s initials), gained also big time posiitve feedback amongst the global DJ’s. After the huge success of “Wake Turbulence”, Koen delivered several dancefloor damaging remixes for a.o. Mark Trophy “Ripper”, Dataworx “Control”, Mario Ochoa “Twisted”, Sander van Doorn Vs. Marco V “What Say?”, Tocadisco “2 Many Shots Of Jaegermeister”, Spektre “Hydra”, Alex Young “Uno”, Noir “The Off World” and many more. “Wake Turbulence” ended up being number 3 in the Beatport Techno Top 10 of 2008 and was nominated as “Best Techno Track 2008” at the Beatport Music Awards 2009!



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