Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chris Special - Horizon | Invader ( Original Mixes )

Hey al just be brief here. music as always been number 1 in my life, from when i was a kid to now and it always will be. i have been djing for good few years now and this as allowed me to travel he world doin what i love and meeting great ppl. i have played at various big nights around the uk and abroad, including ibiza, malaYsia, china, and langkawi island, all over the spectrum. any one who is familiar with my djing and my music knows i like to keep it unique and original, and of course underground. i have always had the tag as a dj of someone who is prepared to play somthing different, and this is somthing i have carried on through out my productions. My love of music brought be to create the Ibiza Anthem Terrace Attack with my good friend. this became a massive smash and charted in the top 10 of beatport. electro is dead followed creating another dance floor wreckage. it was the deeper teckier sound i was most interested which brought me on to makin the big club tune GO DEEP which was snapped up along with my other smash spaced out to the massive TOOLROOM RECORDS, home to the likes of dirty south, d remirez, mark knight, funkagenda, dave spoon, deadmau5. my GO DEEP track also featured o the TOOLROOM KNIGHTS MIXED BY MARK KNIGHT cd which was sold world wide.


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