Friday, August 27, 2010

Alan Pride - Shine (Tony Romera Remix)

Coming from the South of France, and now living in the North, Alan Pride is a complete artist. First of all a musician, playing several instruments, but also an author, a composer, a DJ producer and remixer.2007 : He produced his first track , “Shurakano” (Syndicate of Law), which ranked 28th in the Yacast charts (the official French clubs’ charts). A great success as a start !2008 : His second title made him even more famous around Europe. Indeed, “One Desire”, produced under the pseudonym of Jakarta, ranked 2nd in the “Top 40” of French clubs, and stayed at the top of all charts for nearly 6 months. The track got more than 9 000 000 views on the net, won a golden disk, and was broadcast 450 times on TV ! “Superstar” followed, which was also a big success at the international level.2009 : His new track as Alan Pride, called “In Heaven” , was also playlisted on a large scale on radio and TV channels , and in clubs as well (23th in the Yacast charts, broadcast on the best radios : Fun Radio, Vitamine, NRJ, Espace…).2010 : Alan Pride has just released a single, with his new collaborator Jeremy Kalls, entitled “Feel Alone”. Remixed by famous French artists such as Quentin Mosimann, The Nycer, Teo Moss.., the track creates a great buzz in France when , as soon as it’s released, he gets playlisted by one of the biggest radios , FUN RADIO.He has also opened his own club in the North of France, the “INSOMNIA CLUB”, which regularly receives famous DJ guests, and created his own label, "NJOY RECORDS", which begins to produce great artists and tracks !



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