Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thomas Schumacher – Taxi (Riva Starr Dub Mix) NEW!!! HOT!!!

The years leading up to 2005 were extremely busy for Thomas with a non-stop schedule of productions, remixes, mix CDs and international DJ commitments. After a short hiatus at the end of the year to recharge the batteries and rediscover his musical inspirations he relocated to Berlin in 2006. Within 2 months Thomas had completed Home, his long-awaited 3rd studio album. Home showcased Thomas’ deep love for and understanding of contemporary electronic music, as well as his amazing ability to reinvent himself. The album and it’s singles quickly became sales hits, and de:Bug magazine rated it “…a bloody deep masterpiece”. Soon after the release of Home Thomas signed with Get Physical Music.Since then he has developed a close relationship with the label that has seen him release EPs (under his Elektrochemie moniker with Australian vocallist Caitlin), collaborations with a number of their key artists, as well as tracks on their new digital-only offshoot Get Digital. The affiliation with Get Physical is set to continue in 2010 when Thomas releases his new album for the label in April. Thomas Schumacher has always been – and continues to be – an eclectic DJ and producer, with a strong foundation in Detroit techno and House music.Nowadays Thomas is a proud family man, and while he still spends alot of his time in the arrivals and departure lounges of airports all over the world, he is honoured to travel to every corner of the globe to do his thing, and showcase the diversity that has become his trademark.
Riva Starr is a name that should be very familiar to anyone with an interest in modern house music. Having shot to the top after a string of head turning releases and remixes on some of the most talked about labels, Riva Starr couldn’t be hotter right now. What’s quite remarkable though is how quickly Stefano Miele, aka Riva Starr has established himself so prominently on a DJ/producer circuit that’s notoriously difficult to break into. It doesn’t hurt that Claude VonStroke and Jesse Rose, the two men who sit on top of the pile, happen to be two of his biggest fans.So, how did the man from Naples rise from unknown to major player in just 2 years? Well, the truth is that Stef is no newcomer to making music, in fact he’s been producing and releasing a wide-range of sounds under different guises for the past 10 years, including 2 albums. Like all good producers he’s earned his stripes and his current status is down to two things, hard work and talent. Oh and the World Wide Web of course. That’s right, like so many successful new musicians today, Riva Starr is “big on the blogs” and it’s exactly here, giving free music away that Stef was able to not only test-run new material but also form an army of loyal and excited fans before he had even released a record.

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