Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Henry Saiz – Live @ Air Amsterdam -CABLE- 16-05-2010

Producer and DJ born in Madrid. He’s been involved with music since very young, playing in several bands that offered a tribute to very different styles like black metal or pop. He showed a passion for synthesizers since he was a child, but it is in 1999 when electronic music captures him in an irreversible way, and he starts his fulltime dedication to music production. Since then, he has been working with several artists and bands linked to the vanguard, delivering many projects. While studying Sound Engineering he contacts Logicalnoise Records, where he finds a philosophy similar to his own and a flexible label that cares for quality proposals. Nowadays, he combines his work for advertising and documentary with electronic music and live performances.Always open-minded to up and coming new styles and very fond of artistic vanguard, he delivers productions and sets that stand out for it’s eclecticism and intensity, always trying to stimulate the audience.
Even before the launch of his first solo vinyl, the prestigious British label Global Underground spots Henry Saiz and asks him to remix the work from the German producer Phonique for a new vinyl that is about to be released.
His fist vinyl, “Mamut Ep”, released by Logicalnoise, is a really elegant and sophisticated piece that illustrates very well Henry’s electronic music concept: hypnotic and powerful vibes to travel in the dance floor.

To download this mix click here


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